Experience led approach

As pet parents ourselves, we knew what wasn't working, so we've changed it.

From a thoughtfully designed space thats warm and calming to a team of professionals who are humans first, our clinic is a place you don’t mind coming back to. Our seamless integration of technology at every step makes booking to payment a walk in the park. So, stop in and grab a treat on your walk—we’d love to see you.

Our Values

  • Always be

    Coming to our clinic should give you a sense of relief and trust—the last thing we want is for you to feel misled by the bill at the end. We will be clear about the treatment plan we are recommending and its cost.

  • Work

    We do what we do because we love what we do. The moment you walk through our doors, we're on your side. Whether healing sick pets or comforting worried parents, think of our team as part of your family.

  • Take pride in our

    We are founded in Brooklyn by Brooklynites. Our roots are important to us—the people, businesses, and culture. We’re here to add to the passion and pride you feel throughout our streets, elevating our neighborhood through partnerships and events.

  • Be

    We’re obsessed with learning and improving, constantly keeping our ears to the ground. Every team member, no matter the role they’re hired to fill, is encouraged to ask questions and make recommendations. We believe a collaborative culture leads to the best care for your pet.

Meet the Team

We know you'll like them as much as we do

Our Doctors

Our Team

  • Ana


  • Christa


  • Christine

    Clinic Manager

  • Emily


  • Igor


  • Jenae

    Client Care Coordinator

  • Laura


  • Margo

    Client Care Coordinator

  • Mindy


  • Sarah

    Client Care Coordinator

  • Tiffany