“$50 off your first visit” Promotion

  1. This promotion is only valid for the first examination of the first pet from a given household. Additional pets from the same household do not qualify for $50.00 off their first examination at All Ears Veterinary, whether or not they are present during the first visit at All Ears Veterinary or are present at a future visit at All Ears Veterinary.
  2. This promotion excludes examinations related to the preparation of international health certificates even if the examination is the first examination at All Ears Veterinary of the first pet from a given household and even if the international health certificate is not being prepared and paid for on the date of the first examination.
  3. This promotion must be mentioned at the time of your first visit at All Ears Veterinary in order for the $50.00 off to be applied to the invoice.

Client Referral Program

  1. If an existing All Ears Veterinary client refers a client who has never taken any of their pets to All Ears Veterinary before, the existing, referring client will receive a $50.00 credit on their account to be used at a future visit to All Ears Veterinary.
  2. The $50.00 credit will not be applied at the time the new, referred client schedules their first appointment. It will only be applied after the new, referred client completes their first appointment at All Ears Veterinary.
  3. The referred client must mention the referring client at the time of checking out at the completion of their first appointment for the credit to be applied to the referring client.